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  The new Ryobi 26cc string trimmer engine is in it's second stage of development.  The benefit of the 4-Stroke engine has been realized for many years by the major model airplane engine manufacturers.  They have brought forth quieter engines with more torque and improved fuel economy resulting in cleaner exhaust emissions.  What else can you ask for? Read the Official Ryobi Press release.

   JAG Engines has been working on the conversion process for over 2 years now.  The primary concern is the ability of the engine to run in the inverted position considering it has a wet oil sump for the lubrication of the piston and valve train.  Ryobi has also been concerned about this since the weed eater is handled and operated in all positions.  Ryobi was the first to develop and market an inverted oil sump system that not only works for the Weed-eater industry, but is a welcome addition to the Giant Scale R/C industry.

   The first version of the Ryobi 4-Stroke was able to run inverted but it has a large roundish oil sump that pushed the limits of most cowls.  The J-3 Cub on the home page is powered by that first 4-Stroke engine.  It has proven to be easy starting and very powerfull.  The airplane sounds and flys very realistically.  I am very happy with the installation and performance however it just barely fits inside the cowl.

   This, second generation 4 Stroke pictured below, has a more streamlined oil sump allowing for a neater motor mount.  It also leaves the builder more room to access the mounting bolts.



Believe it or not, it runs just fine up-side-down!


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